Declaração de solidariedade com a Venezuela promovida pelo PCV e os seus primeiros signatários


Declaration of Solidarity with the Venezuelan People

The Communist, Workers and Revolutionary Parties worldwide express our strong support and firm solidarity to the Venezuelan people, to the Communist Party of Venezuela and the Government of President Nicolas Maduro, victims of a new interventionist escalation of U.S. imperialism which violates the right to self- determination of the peoples.

The “Executive Order” signed by President Barack Hussein Obama and seconded by groups of economic power of the United States and Venezuela, which declared the situation in Venezuela as a supposed “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States”, represents an act of provocation and interference that threatens the sovereignty, the self-determination and Peace of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and all Latin America and the Caribbean.

We do denounce these actions. In general, they are aimed to destabilizing the popular advances in Latin America and the Caribbean, especially against the process of change in Venezuela in order to restore the hegemony and geostrategic control of the United States.

Our peoples yearn to build a sovereign and independent road of development, contrary imperialism is the developer and implementer of coups d’état, bloody military occupations and is the greater violator of human rights.

Venezuela along with the peoples of the region has promoted all Latin America and the Caribbean to be a zone of peace, rejecting the use of nuclear weapons and demanding the withdrawal of U.S. military Bases.

The United States are the ones that have surrounded the Latin American and Caribbean peoples with weapons of mass destruction: 74 U.S. military bases aim their weapons against Latin America and the Caribbean, 13 of these bases surround Venezuela. Billions of Dollars from drug trafficking and U.S. finances are diverted to fund organizations such as USAID and NED which foster and organize neo-

fascist and destabilizing groups of democratic and popular governments like the Venezuelan.

While the governments of the U.S. and its NATO allies favor the deregulation of employment, massive layoffs and enfeeblement of fundamental rights, leading their citizens on the verge of misery and death, as a response to the crisis of the world capitalist system, in Venezuela the assertion of political, social and economic rights of historically excluded majorities, has been promoted.

Based on these paragraphs, the undersigned Communist, Workers, Revolutionary parties, social movements and personalities agree:

– Express our full and active solidarity with the Venezuelan people, the Communist Party of Venezuela and the Government of President Nicolas Maduro, victims of a dangerous aggression by U.S. government.

– Demand the repeal of the infamous and interventionist decree signed by President Barack Hussein Obama.

– To join the joint call for a Day of Global Action in solidarity with Venezuela, on next April 19, to be held in our countries.

– To summon the movements and organizations which bring together and represent the working class and people so that they demonstrate their militant solidarity with Venezuela during the activities to be held on May 1.

– Refuse in each parliament the motions and actions directed against Venezuela and its legitimate right to self-determination.

Partido Comunista Libanés

Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de España

Partido Comunista de Bohemia y Moravia

Partido Comunista de Serbia

Partido Comunista Brasileño

Partido Comunista Peruano

Partido Comunista Alemán

Partido Comunista de los Estados Unidos

Partido Comunista de Grecia


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