ITUC e ETUC, as confederações amarelas internacional e europeia promovem a conciliação de classes (através do “diálogo social”) e um novo memorando na Grécia


ITUC’s Intervention in favor of a new Memorandum in Greece

on 28 May 2015. Posted

PAME denounces the ITUC (this notorious international trade union organ of the multinationals) which contributes to the intimidation campaign of the Greek people, the campaign in favor of a new agreement that will continue the slaughter of Greek workers. By a press release on May 27, the ITUC criticizes the IMF for its “hard” attitude in the negotiations as opposed to “friendly” European Union.

The ITUC, like the GSEE in Greece, are used to line the Greek workers behind a government and an agreement that will continue destroying people’s lives. Specifically, serving special interests, the ITUC take sides with one imperialist camp against the other, inviting the workers to become supporters of the imperialist European Union, to support the goals of business groups. The intervention of the ITUC, like GSEE in Greece, aims to mislead the workers, to make the working class co sign its own massacre. These forces must be isolated and condemned by the workers.

The new government of SYRIZA continues the implementation of all anti-worker laws of the previous governments, and prepares how they will push the Greek people in accepting a new memorandum. Any negotiations between the EU-IMF-ECB and the Greek Government are not in ANY point about the recovering of the losses of the Greek people. The negotiations are concerned with the support of the monopolies, multinationals, and the local and foreign capital.

The real trade unions – not the well paid bosses of ITUC-are currently organizing and prepare the working class to respond to the new anti-popular measures. The forces of PAME is in preparation battle for a General National strike in Response to the new Memorandum, while over 200 -until now- trade unions in Greece are calling for rallies on June 11 against the new agreement.

Fonte: PAME

PAME denounces the capitalists-ETUC seminar promoting social dialogue

on 20 May 2015. Posted

Hosted by GSEE and the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) will take place on 20 to 21 May a class collaborationist seminar entitled “PROMOTING AND REINFORCING THE EU SOCIAL DIALOGUE” where keynote speakers will be the representative of the Greek Industrialists Union and BUSINESSEUROPE.

 It is a clear example of ETUC’s role and the role of its member-organizations in each country how they try to turn the trade unions, not only in bureaucratic organizations, but in the open supporters of the anti-worker wishes of the Capital and the European Union. The seminars ETUC organises throughout Europe, with the funding and support of the European Union, help legitimize the demands of the capitalists, attacking the right to strike, promoting the legitimization of the lockout, in countries like Greece, where the workers movement has blocked it. While the Greek government prepares to sign new memorandum, the realization of a seminar celebrating the “competitiveness”, the capitalist “growth”, the “social model of the European Union” is not accidental. They help create a climate of acceptance of the anti-workers measures, acceptance of the pauperisation of the people; they contribute to the most effective manipulation of the trade union movement. The results of the social dialogue with the participation of the GSEE in Greece are notorious. The GSEE co-signed the cuts in minimum wage, with even greater reduction for young workers; it accepted the legitimisation of outsourcing companies, which are the modern slave traders etc.

 PAME denounces to the working class of Greece and Europe, this provocative gathering of the bureaucratic and class collaborationist trade unionism, who supports the imperialist European Union. We call on the working class to disengage from the governmental and employers’ trade unionism. To strengthen PAME and its struggle against the multinationals, their governments and the EU.

Fonte: PAME


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