Central Committee of Communist Party successfully completed a meeting where developments in the country and the objectives of daily struggle were evaluated. We will share some of the conclusions of this meeting with our people.

CP said that 2015 elections were carried out as a big deception, and that this deception was performed in line with the requirements of the system. Today this must have become clear to everybody.

The coalition debates have nothing to do with the future and interests of our people. The new practices of decay and unprincipled politics are displayed here. The capitalist order is sanctified in the name of “stability”.

What our people should care about is not future coalition or promised “order and stability” but how to fight against system and how to resist to new earthquakes that will be brought along the stability calls.

This is our call: Leave the system parties alone.

1. Our people were deceived once again in the 2015 elections. Turkey, driven to the elections with the promises of change, now deals with the calls of “continue to sleep for solution and stability”.

People were deceived once again in the 2015 elections. This is the conclusion drawn from the past two weeks. The coalition meetings and debates carried out by the media, the big capital and peacemakers is just a series of nonsense. The goal of “not leaving Turkey without a solution” that everybody mention is in itself a peculiarity.

Which Turkey is it that should not be left without a solution? What is this thing called stability? Stability is already a lie for the people who live through all sorts of uncertainties such as losing their job or the danger of foreclosure due to credit card debt. Whose stability is the aforementioned stability as an excuse for coalition plans?

If we notice that it is the capital organizations and international powers who step in, and that they are the ones who keep talking about stability, stability must be for these powers not for the people.

Apparently stability is the continuity of the rotten system that made an order out of regional wars, provoked domestic conflicts, bigotry, medieval age darkness, and exploitation sustained based on these.

2. During the elections, voter preferences were manipulated. The mass media and liberal high society of intellectuals surrendered the people who were not submissive otherwise with these manipulations. Everybody understood their goal now, which is to prolong the life of dictatorship of the capital in the name of continuity of the order and stability.

As Communist Party, we tried to explain at every opportunity before the elections. It is revealed more clearly now: Voter preferences were manipulated with various instruments before June 7. The essence of this manipulation was not supporting this or that political party. What was done during this process was diluting the politics using elections. Increasing the transitionality between political parties and their adherents, and unexpected rapprochements mocked every now and then served to secure the system. The pressure of the boiling cauldron was relieved and the real conflicts were either exchanged with the fake ones or softened in line with the requirements of the system. Moreover, enhancing this culture of “tolerance” was presented as an opportunity to lower the tensions created by the fascist tendencies of the AKP government.

We explained that the simplistic attitude of “as long as AKP goes away” was a trap for the masses who turned their faces against the system before the elections, and that this would not be enough. The political parties that invited millions to vote for them “to backspace AKP,”  “to trial the thieves” are acting now with the slogans of “not blocking peace and ensuring stability.” Suits well!

3. The ones who were showing off saying, “We are backspacing AKP” when the bosses wanted to discipline AKP, which started to create trouble, are in a race of constructiveness now, in the name of peace and stability after bosses gave the message, “We don’t want trouble”.

This is exactly what we meant. The ones who were saying, “We can backspace AKP, the rest is trivial” devoted themselves to strengthen the basis of long-lasting AKP conservatism.

Negotiations behind the closed doors are shameful. We are not seeking for sensation; we don’t determine our politics based on political rumours.  We are not going to tell about what we’ve heard and try to influence public with these rumours. But there is a pert, unprincipled and shameful network of relationships among the ones using the most insulting expressions for each other.

If you ask about it, it is all for stability.

In fact, stability is a lie in this country.

4. Acting as the gatekeeper of the stability in this system is gatekeeping of the hell workers go through everyday, and all uncertainties and torments in their lives. The stability of capital is occupation of workers lives with unendurable uncertainties.

The workers of our country are indebted.

Poverty is not only a deprivation that makes life difficult for workers. For workers going through a struggle of survival, poverty is a thread created by the developments that can turn their lives upside down suddenly. Poverty is being taken to the court, being fired, and being evicted.

Our country is standing at the door of atrocity and barbarism. It is a matter of time to be turned into a fire ground by religious and sectarian wars. There is no need to wait for a “grand” conflict under the current suppression created by the religious tyranny anyway. At the individual level, conflict is a possibility you can come across right around the corner. Conflict is slaughtered people, femicides and the Ramadan terror that comes with shy steps.

5. The imperialist centers that start wars and break up countries are among the ones who keep talking about stability. The system parties are at the same time working to meet the demands of these international circles.

Look at the regional problems Turkey is directly involved in. Is there stability in the other side of Black Sea, Ukraine? Isn’t the dark adventure Syria is buried in trying to absorb us at any moment?

The rhetoric of “not leaving Turkey without a solution” in this atmosphere is only a wish not to leave the capitalist order without a leader.

We care about the plot against us, against people; we are going to fight against it. But we care nothing for coalition debates, combinations with two or three parties, the red lines drawn for these coalitions, and then the bizarre conciliations.

6. We had cut all our relationships with the leftism of  “the coalitions of AKP-CHP or CHP-MHP are good but avoid AKP-MHP”. We can’t have any relation with panic touting over the options system offers, liberalism and mere democratism.

We left alone the ones who think they can establish future of the country with request letters written to MHP, a deep-rooted fascist part, with the opinion polls before the elections. Now we consign them to scriveners and principal clerks of the parliament.

7. We, indeed, don’t take seriously the amount of votes Communist Party took in June 7 elections. This result, as a number, does not mean anything.

What we take seriously are our new comrades who approached us to join the party, to support our struggle right after the elections.

What we take seriously are the people who voted for Communist Party.

What we don’t take seriously at all are coalition bargains.

This is our notice and call for our people who were deceived with false spring and had a short happiness.

The system is aiming for strengthening its weaknesses.

We should get organized and fight against this system.

This system should be changed; it should be overthrown.

Central Committee

Communist Party


Fonte: Solidnet


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