Jeremy Corbyn: the ‘resurgence’ of left social democracy is likely to be shortlived


Troto-revisionist fraternity hail the second coming

One of the most welcome side-effects of Jeremy Corbyn’s election will be the ongoing disintegration and destruction of the Trotskyite and revisionist rump in Britain.

With the election of a ‘real left socialist’ to the leadership to the Labour party, the wildest dreams of the Griffithses, Matgamnas, Reeses,Germans, Taaffes et al has come true.Almost all the members of Britain’sTroto-revisionist fellowshiphave hailed the election of Corbyn and the increase of Labour party membership as a sign that socialism is now the order of the day and that Labour has been transformed into an entirely new political party nearly overnight by the arrival of so many £3 members.

The leading light of social-fascist misfits the AWL (Alliance for Workers Liberty), Sean Matgamna, wrote: “There is nothing timid, half-hearted, or half-strangled about Jeremy Corbyn and his politics, or about John McDonnell, whom he has appointed as Labour’s shadow chancellor of the exchequer. To an enormous degree this is a new political party.” (After Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leader, rebuild the Labour movement, Solidarity, 16 September 2015, our emphasis)

You see, dear reader, take a party – let’s say Labour, a party of imperialism for over 100 years and a party with a long and proud history of racism, chauvinism and servility to the bourgeoisie. What happens when you take said party and place Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell at the top? Hey presto, a new party! It’s that easy.

The Socialist Party, another Trotskyite outfit,which,for the last ten years or so,has been campaigning for a ‘new workers’ party’ has nowdecided that such a party has appeared, like Minerva from the head of Jupiter!

“The lack of democracy in the Labour party and growing levels of working-class alienation from it meant a movement within the Labour party structures was not the most likely scenario. Nonetheless, we have no fetish about by what route the crisis of working-class political representation would be solved and have never excluded the possibility of Labour swinging left.

“As long ago as 2002 we argued that, ‘under the impact of great historic shocks – a serious economic crisis, mass social upheaval – the ex-social-democratic parties could move dramatically towards the left’.

“However, the reality is that the Corbyn surge has mainly not come from within the Labour party but from ‘outside’– new members and registered supporters who were attracted by the hope of something different. This is a new party in the process of formation which will face relentless attack from the ‘old’ pro-capitalist New Labour.”

Despite the above, this ‘new party’appears to be dominated by many of the ‘old’characters. The Socialist Party has no problem later in the same article relating this fact: “The shadow justice secretary, the Blairite Lord Falconer, has a record of introducing draconian anti-democratic legislation.

“Heidi Alexander, the shadow health secretary, has previously supported privatisation and closure of hospitals. Andy Burnham, the shadow home secretary, showed how right-wing he is at the start of the leadership election campaign, supporting further benefit cuts and opposing the mansion tax as ‘the politics of envy’.”(Editorial: Corbyn’s leadership victory a new era for the 99 percent, 16 September 2015, our emphasis)

So desperate are the Trotskyites to return to the social-democratic bosom they were torn from in the early 1990s that they now openly advocate a return to factional struggle inside the Labour party, and, whilst it is some way off, we can only look forward to the organisational liquidation of these renegades.

“Call a conference of all anti-austerity forces which can elaborate a clear programme of no cuts, and the necessary action at local and national level to implement this! It is also necessary at the same time to create a parallel organised framework around Corbyn, which could organise the campaign to involve all anti-austerity and socialist forces in a new mass movement.

“The Socialist Party and TUSC will be part of such a movement…the conclusions to draw from Corbyn’s victory should be: no prevarication, no retreats, no bending to the scheming splitters in the right-wing PLP[Parliamentary Labour Party]or to the ‘constitutional requirements’ of the current Labour party structures… We are now presented with a new opportunity which must not be lost!”(A political earthquake by Peter Taaffe, Socialist World, 18 September 2015)

In harmony with the position of the Trots are our old friends in the Communist Party of Britain (CPB). The revisionist clique running the Morning Star and the CPB are equally gleeful about the prospect of better relations with social democracy. Morning Star editor Ben Chacko, whilst reviewing the Sunday morning papers on the BBC’s Sunday Politics show, was pleased to note that “socialism” was now “back on the agenda”!

In a ‘political report’ entitled ‘Corbyn victory! – Rebuilding the force for change’, the CPB’s leadership declared enthusiastically: “Corbyn’s campaign has enthused many thousands of people to see new hope in the Labour party”. (Our emphasis)

Rather than celebrating the strengthening of the ties of the workers to social democracy,however, true communists should be doing everything to expose social democrats (who want to keep us loyal to imperialism) and to show the way forward to socialism. But the CPB celebrates all that is backward in the labour movement and strives to further strengthen the illusions that keep us tied to the British ruling class’s coat tails!

All of the Trotskyite-revisionist gangare now praying for a return to some form of federal Labour party – a structure within whichthey hope to carve out some cushy jobs helping to keep British workers on our own unique andneverending‘British Road to Socialism’ – one where social-democratic parties can change overnight into “new forces for change”,and the march to socialism is exceedingly long!

In his article ‘One of the fundamental questions of the revolution’, written in September 1917, Lenin spokeabout the role thatis played by social democrats and reformists who pretend to ‘fight for socialism’ through parliamentary means alone.

“The entire history of the bourgeois-parliamentary, and also, to a considerable extent, of the bourgeois-constitutional, countries shows that a change of ministers means very little, for the real work of administration is in the hands of an enormous army of officials.

“This army, however, is undemocratic through and through; it is connected by thousands and millions of threads with the landowners and the bourgeoisie and is completely dependent on them. This army is surrounded by an atmosphere of bourgeois relations, and breathes nothing but this atmosphere.

“It is set in its ways, petrified, stagnant, and is powerless to break free of this atmosphere. It can only think, feel, or act in the old way. This army is bound by servility to rank, by certain privileges of ‘civil’ service; the upper ranks of this army are, through the medium of shares and banks, entirely enslaved by finance capital, being to a certain extent its agent and a vehicle of its interests and influence …

“That is why it always happens, under all sorts of ‘coalition’cabinets that include ‘socialists’, that these socialists, even when individuals among them are perfectly honest, in reality turn out to be either a useless ornament of or a screen for the bourgeois government, a sort of lightning conductor to divert the people’s indignation from the government, a tool for the government to [a name=”_GoBack”][/a]deceive the people.

“This was the case with Louis Blanc in 1848, and dozens of times in Britain and France, when socialists participated in cabinets. This is also the case with the Chernovs and Tseretelis in 1917. So it has been and so it will be as long as the bourgeois system exists and as long as the old bourgeois, bureaucratic state apparatus remains intact.”

Let workers in Britain take heed of these wise words. Whilst Corbyn is today merely the leader of the opposition, it is now quite possible that in the future he may become prime minister, and it is therefore the job of communists to warn the working class about the true nature of such sham ‘socialists’.

As our comrades wrote in Lalkar recently: “No matter who leads the Labour party (‘new’ or ‘old’), and no matter how decent and well-intentioned such a leader may be, he could never change the basic nature of the Labour party, which has never been, is not now, and will never in the future be, a party of the British proletariat; which has always been, is now, and will always in the future be, a party of British imperialism.

“The only thing to do with it is to work towards its disintegration, so as to rescue the working class from its deadly embrace, and build a truly revolutionary party of the British proletariat that is capable of storming the citadels of British imperialism and replacing it with the dictatorship of the proletariat so as tousher in an era of real prosperity for working people at home and an end to Britain’s imperialist wars abroad.

“And, if achieving that end requires the disillusionment of the working class through the experience of yet another Labour government headed by a left-wing social democrat like Mr Corbyn, then so be it.” (The Labour leadership contest and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, September 2015)”

Fonte: Proletarian online (CPGB-ML’s newspaper)


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