Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan and the workers ‘trade union’ Zhanartu “congratulates on the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people over fascist Germany!


8 of May 2015

We congratulate all Kazakhstanis and citizens of other republics of the former Soviet Union with the 70th anniversary of Soviet victory over Nazi Germany! This day represents for the majority of people present, the triumph of liberation and end the bloodiest war in human history, when it was defeated by an advanced imperialist country with the ideology of racial or national exclusiveness, strive for world domination.

The working people of the Soviet Union and fighters Worker-Peasant Red Army proved how in the fields of war, and in the production of the superiority of a planned economy, the principles of collectivism, internationalism. The working class and the entire Soviet people has been shown unprecedented heroism, which allowed to overcome the most advanced military and economic machine has captured almost all countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

It was a workers’ state, has withdrawn from the October Socialist Revolution, an entirely new class of politically motivated army, was able to withstand this crusade of Hitler’s “United Europe”. That fracture near Moscow, and then at Stalingrad breathed hope into the working masses of the oppressed countries and prompted them to strengthen the resistance.

The Red Army in contrast to all other armies, including Allied, has become in the real sense of the army liberator, brought nations is not a new oppression, and peace, social justice, vyshvyrnuvshey collaborators of all kinds, and representatives of the ruling classes. Blood puppet dictatorial regimes were swept away, and with them went the horrors of mass terror and genocide.

The arrival of the Red Army in Eastern Europe has become the key to radical change in the economy, the nationalization of industry, collectivization of agriculture and the rise to power of leftist governments.

The Second World War unleashed by the imperialists, and the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union, provoked and created pockets of the civil war in the west of Ukraine, the Baltics, as well as in Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and other countries. Clashes communist guerrilla movement against the forces of collaborators and reactionaries under occupation become manifestations of the revolutionary class war and the aspirations of working people for social and political emancipation.

The victory of the USSR in the war against Nazi Germany meant the restoration of the structure of the labor movement in the world and in Europe itself, marked by the creation in October 1945 in Paris, the World Federation of Trade Unions, which will also be celebrating this year its 70th anniversary. Now again in the next period of the crisis of capitalism Federation standing fundamental class positions, again increasing its influence in the countries of southern Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

In the last decade, in many former Soviet republics, including Kazakhstan, the numerous attempts to revise the historical results of the Second World War, we have the action of ultra-right nationalist movements of the glorification of SS legionnaires, members kollaboratsionistkih forces who fought on the side of the Wehrmacht against the Red Army.

Parallel to this is systematic and ongoing ideological campaign, supported by the authorities, designed to equalize Fascism and Hitler’s Nazism, Bolshevism, to declare the Soviet Union “prison of nations”, as much as possible to diminish the historical significance of the victory. In social networks chronically attacks on the veterans, on anti-fascists, to all those who are trying to protect the memory of millions of victims of Nazism.

At the same time, the Russian bourgeoisie is also trying to usurp the fruits of political heroism of the Soviet people, as well as replacing the true content of the confrontation and the leading role of the communist ideology in the war, his monarchist White Guard and Orthodox symbols. This obvious substitution, in order to justify the new imperialism bears no less a threat than the growth of fascist movements in the former Soviet Union.

This once again shows how sophisticated and fierce war is for the minds of millions, especially the younger generations, the post-Soviet space. The objective of the internationalist left, communist forces and the class trade unions in these circumstances is to explain to workers the true meaning of those historical events that 70 years ago proved the ability to change the correlation of forces in favor of the common people, who opened the way to the anti-colonial revolution and liberation from the shackles of imperialism most modern countries .
The victory of the Soviet people and soldiers of the famed Red Army will never be forgotten!

The political council of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Central Committee of trade union workers’ Zhanartu ”

Source: Socialist Movement Kazakhstan
Fonte: Soviet Russia Now


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