KNE salutes the mobilizations of the school students

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The Press Office of the CC of KNE, saluted the major school student mobilizations held in dozens of Greek cities on the 2nd of November and noted in its statement:

“KNE salutes the thousands of school students in Athens and all over Greece who today provided a first response, taking to the streets of struggle, struggling for their rights to education and life.

The members and friends of KNE will continue inside the schools to play a leading role for the escalation of the militant mobilizations and collective struggle in every way. So that the struggles of the school students continue more decisively for a school that educates and will not be a very expensive exam centre, for exclusively public and free education. We will work for the joint action of school students-parents-militant teachers, providing a combative response to the anti-people political line of the government and EU.”

Fonte: KKE


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