Maritime Workers Extend Their Strike For Another 48hours


The Maritime workers’ trade unions decided to continue their strike for two more days, till 6.00 Friday morning, November 6.

The Government of SYRIZA, as lackey of the ship owners, attacked the workers who strike calling them responsible for the situation of the refugees who come to the Greek Islands. The Government’s Hypocrisy is provocative as even their last decisions are the imposition of the Schengen Treaty, the support of Frontex and time-consuming procedures. And of course, the Government of SYRIZA continues to support the imperialist interventions of NATO, USA and EU in the region.

Also, till today, they allowed the ship owners to transfer refugees from the islands for 60 euros per person, making the refugees a source of profit for the Greek capitalists. The Greek class trade unions have been taking numerous initiatives for the support of the refugees and will continue with more actions.

 The National Maritime Trade Unions of PEMEN, Stefenson, PEEMAGEN and PES NAT stated in their common announcement

 “It becomes imperative to coordinate the struggle with the rest of the class trade union movement, against this anti-worker – anti popular policy of the SYRIZA – ANEL government, which has as goal, along with the shipowners, the elimination of Collective Contracts, reducing the crew compositions in ships, the elimination of our social security fund, reducing pensions, raising the retirement age and the rapid deterioration of social security protection.

The class unions PEMEN – Stefenson – PEEMAGEN, we put the proposal to coordinate our struggle, with the class workers movementon November 12, with 24-hour strike, aiming to escalate the struggle. In these conditions we need to organize the discussion with the maritime workers in the boats for the organization and escalation of the struggle. We put our forces for the success of the strike.

The government of SYRIZA has huge responsibilities for the situation experienced by refugees across the coastline of the Aegean. We call maritime workers, the other employees, to express their solidarity with the immigrants and refugees and the government to take its responsibilities for the tragedy they suffer

  New solidarity messages in support of the maritime workers’ strike came from USB Transport of Italy and FECTRANS – Federation of Transport Unions and Communications of Portugal.

Fonte: PAME


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