Conferência de Sindicatos de Classe da Federação Sindical Mundial 25 e 26 de Jan 2016 (para desprazer dos oportunistas que afirmam a amarela CES como única estrutura sindical europeia)

20 January 2016

On January 25-26 in Brussels will take place the European Trade Union Meeting on “The Consequences Of Privatizations For The Employees And The Peoples Of Europe – The Response Of The Class Trade Unions”.

The meeting, which is organized by PAME, TUI PS of WFTU Europe Coordinator, and the big participation to it by trade unions from all over Europe is an important event for the class trade union movement of Europe. Especially, as the meeting takes place in conditions that the offensive of the Capital-the European Union and the Governments of the member-states escalates against the workers and at the same time are very important the consequences of the dominance in the trade union movement of the line of class collaboration.

The class trade union movement of Greece, PAME, will continue and intensify its initiatives for coordination and cooperation of the militant unions of Europe, for the strengthening of WFTU.

Fonte: PAME


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