The European Trade Union Meeting Against Privatizations Concluded with Great Success

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on 27 January 2016

Yesterday concluded with great success the European Trade Union meeting on “The Consequences of the Privatizations, For the Employees and the Peoples of Europe – The Response of the Trade Union Movement”.

In the meeting, which was hosted by PAME and TUI PS & A of Europe, unions from all over Europe discussed for 2 days about the consequences of privatizations and the necessary response and actions by the Unions. In this direction the meeting decided:

  • The massive participation and mobilization of European Trade Unions in the International Action Day of TUI PS Against Privatizations on April 4, each organization in its own country
  • The decisions of the meeting, to be sent into every union, to be discussed and signed, so that they also adopt these decisions and work with them by developing actions and initiatives.
  • To organize actions in branches such as public administration, Education, transport, Healthcare etc against the privatizations, where they will be part of the preparation and steps of escalating towards the International Action Day
  • To put all our efforts for the success of the 17th Congress of WFTU and massive participation to it

Also, the meeting issued 3 resolutions of solidarity

  • Solidarity with PAME for the General Strike of February 4
  • Solidarity with trade unionists of Goodyear and Air France, from France who are persecuted for the trade union action
  • Solidarity with the tens of thousands of small farmers in Greece who are in militant mobilizations and organize roadblocks all over Greece

Photos At:

Fonte: PAME



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