Solidarity With Bremen Workers of Mercedes-Benz, Germany


on 10 February 2016. Posted in International relations
PAME forwards the press release of the workers of Mercedes-Benz in Bremen who go on trial against the antiworkers‘ tactics and threats of the management of Mercedes-Benz

„Tuesday next, February 16th, 11.30 a.m., starts at the labour court of Bremen the legal proceedings of the workers against the measures of Mercedes Benz management in Bremen (Germany). The management of Mercedes-Benz send official notice against 761 workers, who had gone on strike against out-sourcing and casual labour in December 2014.

The juridical way is only part of the worker`s struggle against bad working conditions, out-sourcing and casual work. For more than a year the workers of Mercedes-Benz have been making campaigns against those capitalist crimes against the working class.

The trade union leadership of the IG Metall still refuses to support this struggle, allthough a vast majority of the workers are still members of IG Metall. They refuse the political support and the legal protection, because they prefer to sacrifice the working class for their way of class collaboration with the capitalists.

In order to be able to finance this struggle, the workers of Mercedes-Benz have created a fund, which containes almost 10.000€ already.

February 16th, half an hour before the trial, the workers of Mercedes-Benz will have a manifestation in front of the court house. Each kind of solidarity will be reported to the public and to the workers of Mercedes Benz. More than 120 solidarity messages have the workers up to now.“

PAME stands by your side

Fonte: PAME


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