Introduction of the Executive Secretariat in the 4th National Congress of PAME (3)


PAME was attacked for its vanguard role with different forms by the capitalists and their mechanisms. For this reason they used the Nazi criminal gang, the Golden Dawn against it. PAME is getting stronger and is planning new, bigger and more militant struggles drawing strength from the previous struggles. PAME is recognized because it didn’t change its positions, it was stable, it didn’t use the trade union movement to help the anti-workers’, anti-popular governments rise, neither chose among oppressors. It doesn’t divide the capitalist employers in good or bad, nor, by extension, their associations and their alliances into good or bad imperialists. Consistently it defends the class struggle and the labour interests. Enemies and friends recognize that it is the most coherent and militant section of the labour union movement, several more unions and many workers who retain some reservations look for PAME and its initiatives. With PAME and the struggles that it led there were some small victories, delays and obstacles in the all-out attack that emerged. Young workers joined theunions and the movement, a new generation of militants emerged who took over from the previous ones, they were educated in the values of the class struggle in conflict with employers and its mechanisms. Life has confirmed the correctness of the decision that was taken in this same hall by around 1500 unionists 17 years ago. Today is emerging the need for the strengthening of PAME and its widening with new unions, new forces.

In fact, today PAME emerges as the only force that can express the interests of the working class against the common and coordinated attack of the capital.We call in rally with PAME all those unions, which despite their reservations, are looking forward to the strengthening of the class pole. We clarify once again that the All-Workers Militant Front is neither a party nor an organization over and outside the unions. It is a rally of unions with class line of struggle against the class collaboration and the capitalist exploitation. The reconstruction of the union labour movement goes through this way.

Our Congress aims to equip the working class unions and organizations with knowledge and experience from the recent past and with a uniform planning, orientation and goals to reconstruct and counterattack, to build a militant class trade union movement of overturn and hope, as we write in our slogan.

(to be continued…)

Fonte: PAME


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