Introduction of the Executive Secretariat in the 4th National Congress of PAME (5)


The War Clouds Are Thickening. Solidarity Is The Weapon Of The Peoples.

There is no crime that they will not attempt to commit, if that increases their profits. The Greek bourgeois has proven many times before the aggression against other peoples and that it does not hesitate to take part in the bloodiest massacres, to drag our people in great adventures to claim a share of the loots of imperialist wolves, to play a more active role in the geopolitical chessboard, to improve its position. Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Libya are imperialist massacres with the Greek participation and support witin NATO only in the last 20 years. The developments warn us about the danger of generalized conflicts and imperialist wars. The home of the capitalists are their earnings, their home is Switzerland, Luxembourg and other tax havens. Billions euro made from our own effort and sweat. Those in the lists of Lagarde, Bogiarns and other foreign banks will not hesitate even for a moment to entangle in war the great majority of them who are in the lists of debts to the tax office, of unemployment, of soup kitchens and social tariffs. This is the way of the bosses to emerge from the crisis, to make the capitalist economy recover: deeper exploitation of their peoples and bloody redistribution of the borders, of the trade routes, of the energy, the markets and the spheres of influence, the exploitation of other peoples, too . This is what the capitalists, their parties and their governments call national targets. We have seen that happening before. PAME was founded in the struggles against the imperialist slaughter in Yugoslavia and Greece’s participation in this massacre. We see the exact same thing again in front of us. Our entire wider neighbourhood is in the fire, over one million refugees crossed the Aegean, the sea was full of dead people and the tragedy of the refugees continues. The passing of the imperialist in Athens the last weeks, of Russia with Lavrov and of US with Obama the other day, it is not for our benefit.

Fonte: PAME


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