Introduction of the Executive Secretariat in the 4th National Congress of PAME (6)


Their War Destroys Everything Their Peace Left Standing

It is our duty to strengthen within the trade unions, the struggle against nationalism, chauvinism, racism and imperialist war. To promote solidarity with other peoples, solidarity to refugees and immigrants, isolation of the criminal Nazi gang bosses, Golden Dawn, in every workplace. These problems can’t be outside the unions and because workers have no interest to shed their blood for oil, arms merchants, industrialists and bankers. We make it clear that the trade unions and organizations that constitute PAME will defend the interests of workers at work, salary, retirement, health, welfare, education, culture and peace under any circumstances. We do not accept any restriction on union activities and organization and will fight for it. We will not stretch out our hands for you to put chains on us. We do not accept our country, our ports, our islands, our airports, to become bases for imperialist slaughter and our children serving meat army for their cannons. We demand that the bases of death close, no involvement of Greece in NATO and European Union slaughterhouses

Here we must all take responsibility, to discuss how all the unions that are embedded in the class front will take their share of responsibility and put these requests at the forefront of the action.

We reject subordination, the consensus in the massacre of our rights. Within these conditions the industrialists require consensus of all political forces that support the road of trust and of course their factions and their people within the trade unions. SYRIZA, New Democracy, PASOK, RIVER, ANEL, Leventis voted the third memorandum massacring the people and now they call the people to consent to their slaughter. They even want the trade union movement to help them achieve profit growth, to pass the new measures without reaction, no protest movement nor obstacles. In other, words they want workers themselves to approve of the memoranda. The main thing is that they want to hide the truth, that there is no alternative perspective. This dirty role was played and is still being played by the forces that make up the government and employers’ controlled unions. They transferred the employers’ demands within the unions; they put the workers to support foreign interests, to adopt the theories of the capitalists. What we experienced intensely at the beginning of the manifestation of that crisis is the propaganda that the crisis was caused because of workers’ rights. Our struggles and our demands are to blame for factories closing. What they present is that the crisis is not due to capitalism and that with different management things can change. Today they give time and space to the government, they put obstacles in the organization of the struggle, they cultivate defeatism and call in alignment and agreement with employers’ purposes. It is not only that GSEE took part in social dialogue by signing common findings and common statements with SEV (Federation of Greek Industries) and the government. In large unions in strategic areas where such forces dominate: OME-OTE, GENOP – PPC OTOE (* Workers Federation State Greek Telecommunications, Electricity Company, and Banks), etc., their announcements do not differentiate not even verbally from company announcements, most of the time they speak for themselves.

Today we cannot underestimate the influence of the attack demanding consent and allegiance after so many years of recession. Fatigue and suffering that accumulate in every home along with the decline of the movement and the disappointment of many workers because of the false hopes SYRIZA. The position that without rupture and conflict with the monopolies, but with a governmental alternation there could be positive change. The theory of realism, patience and sacrifices uncomplainingly in order for growth to come so that workers benefit from it cannot be underestimated because it starts in every workplace from every employer that says “help me so that I don’t have to fire you, so that the company goes well and i don’t have to cut salaries, or shut down the company due to our competitors“ etc. The effect of this call for consensus is already evident in low participation in the struggle, strikes, demonstrations, as well as in political choices.

Fonte: PAME


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