Introduction of the Executive Secretariat in the 4th National Congress of PAME (7)


Development For The Few – Poverty, Unemployment For The People

We have to show people what their development, their growth really means. There is the experience of the previous decade with high capitalist growth that gave birth to the capitalist crisis, and then the respective “national goals” for which they called the people to make sacrifices and national consensus: accession to the Eurozone, the Olympic Games. How were workers paid for their sacrifices for the achievement of national objectives of the plutocracy? We all know how. We have many examples of what development means. In recent years during the crisis and because of developments across Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa the tourist industry breaks one record after another every year having reached unimaginable levels of tourist arrivals of more than 25 million. The airlines, big hotel owners, the tour operators and other capitalists in the industry have made a fortune. Employees work like contemporary slaves, without days off or schedules, with starvation wages of 200 and 300euros , thousands young people with forms of practice and apprenticeship are paid by the hour, uninsured, undeclared work, without the right to get the unemployment fund. These are the conditions that prevail. The same is happening in national roads and construction work which got ahead again. Builders working all day with the half wages, often unpaid for months, days of insurance are stolen and accidents are common. The same is true for the food sector, the poultry, aquaculture, rural capitalist enterprises in strawberry fields. Their development does not involve humane living conditions with dignity for us, we do not have any benefit from it.

The debate on the notorious debt adjustment is not made for workers’, popular rights. It aims to ensure that business groups will get money from the state coffers, which comes from our unpaid work, taxes, xaratsia, cuts in social benefits, in everything we are entitled. The debt is created by capitalists, by the subsidies they received, their tax evasions, the Olympics, the NATO equipment that is continuing, their massive loans. The debt is not created by the people, no worker should be carried away and consent to the slaughter of his rights expecting a positive outcome from the negotiations of plutocrats.

Fonte: PAME


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